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International Journal of Clinical & Medical Imaging

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  • Images in Haematology

    RBC and WBCs

  • Images on Cardiac Innovation

    instrumentation & innovation

  • Cardio Imaging

    Advanced Techniques in Cardiology

  • Images in Dentistry

    Dental surgery & education

  • Images in Gynaecology

    Advancement in Obstetrics & Gynaecology

  • Images in Ophthalmology

    Optic vision & cure

  • Medical diagnostic methods

    Clinical & medical assessments

  • Fluorescent Imaging

    Clinical & Medical imaging

  • Images in abdomen

    Current research

  • Images in Immunology

    Procurement & advanced technical images

  • Images in Spine

    Recent research

  • Images in Cardiology

    A heart of living..


About Us

International Journal of Clinical & Medical Imaging is an open access, monthly international online imaging journal that covers different strategies, while acts as the supporting cover among major classifications. Journal aims at publishing original artworks- Images on Clinical & Medical classifications; Presentations broadly classified as Power Point Presentations, Flow chart submission and e-posters; Case Blogs and graphical abstracts of highest quality and publishes the artwork at a short span of time and spreading of novel discoveries and interventions on:

Clinical: Cytology & Histology, Diagnostic method, Oncology, Immunology, Forensic science, Clinical case, Ophthalmology, Chemotherapy, Transplantation

Radiology, Surgery, Diagnostic methods, Cloning and transgenesis, Dermatology, Neuroscience, Haematology, Dentistry, Gynaecology, Cardiology, Arthritis, Urology, Florescence Images, Medical Microbiology, Cytogenesis leading to Journal norms.

Authors are encouraged to submit clinical, biomedical, anatomical & physiological images, computer graphics and visualization, image-guided procedures, tomography, radio imaging etc. Authors wishing to submit to IJCMI Imaging should refer to the instructions to authors and submit artworks through the online submission system.
The Journal accepts high quality artwork submissions at this context and publishes within a month if the artworks are accepted for publication.

Submit your contribution through imagejournals.org/online-submission/ or www.omicsgroup.info/editorialtracking/clinical-imaging/ or mail your work at editor.imaging@omicsonline.org, editor.ijcmi@omicsonline.net


Editorial Board
Antonia Dimitrakopoulou-Strauss
Charbel Saade
Edward Yungjae Lee
Robert Evans Heithaus
Kazushige Goto
Sinan Akay
Kai Chen
Hairong Zheng
Birger Hesse
Marc-Ulrich Regier
Domenico Rubello
Zhonghua Sun
Zeyad Al-Ogaili
Darlan Farias
Nilu Malpani Dhoot
Silvia Daniela Morbelli
Mehmet V. Yigit
Anupam Chaudhuri
Professor Leonard Kritharides
Paula Antunes
CHEN Qiang
Tao Tan
Wei Li
Gui-can Zhang
Klaudyne Hong
Jun Cheng
Junjie LI

Recently Published Images

Intra Muscular Gasoline Injection - A Rare Plan for Suicide; Clinical Image Clinical Image
Intra Muscular Gasoline Injection - A Rare Plan for Suicide; Clinical Image
Int J Clin Med Imaging 2015
A Rare Report of Verrucouse Carcinoma of Right Leg - A Clinical Image Clinical Image
A Rare Report of Verrucouse Carcinoma of Right Leg - A Clinical Image
Int J Clin Med Imaging 2015
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