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A Rare Report of Verrucouse Carcinoma of Right Leg - A Clinical Image

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The patient is a 70 year-old-man. He is a farmer; he had multiple eruptive lesions in right leg from late childhood. The similar lesion has seen in his maternal family. These lesions have been spread and growth and from six months ago. He had no history of cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption and substance use. Clinical Data Vast congenital lesions on the shin, suspected of malignancy such as Kaposi sarcoma and others. The Macroscopic Description A single piece of gray-white, skin- covered, soft, solid tissue, measuring The Pathology Report after Excision and Biopsy The microscopic description The specimen shows part of skin with severe hyperkeratosis. Papillomatosis, acanthotic epidermis, some squamous horn cysts and pseudo-horn cysts, and lymphocytic infiltration in upper dermis. The pathologist reported that she hasn’t found margin of free of tumor.