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Diagnosis Of Animal Rabies By Immunofluorescence

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In the first week of August, 2012, a domestic dog strayed into a herd of more than 50 cattle on an extensive range in the north eastern part of Nigeria and bit 5 of the animals. Barely 49 days later, all the cattle bitten began to display nervous signs ranging from restlessness, hypersalivation and aggression to other animals in the hard. On September 25, one of the affected animals was culled. Rabies was suspected and the brain was harvested, packed and transported fresh on ice to the Rabies National laboratory for confirmation. Diagnosis was carried out by the direct fluorescent antibody test (dFAT) using Fluorescein-conjugated antibodies specific for lyssaviruses. Rabies virus antigens were detected as shown in Figure 1.

*Corresponding author: Ishaya Sini Tekki, National Veterinary Research Institute Vom Vom, Plateau State, Nigeria, E-Mail: