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Extensive Extra-Pulmonary Chest Wall Hydatidosis

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A 25-year old male patient, who grew up in a rural area endemic for hydatid disease, presented with a 1-year history of an increasingly painful and progressive enlarging swelling over his right anterior chest wall. A chest radiograph (A) and computed tomography (B-D) demonstrated extensive polycystic chest wall and pleural based opacities (red arrows) with cortical destruction and intramedullary lytic lesions involving the second and third ribs on the right (white arrows). Hydatid serology tested positive. The patient underwent uneventful surgical excision of more than thirty cysts, together with partial en bloc removal of the second and third ribs, followed by chest wall reconstruction. Adjuvant chemotherapy with Albendazole (400mg bi-daily) was continued for 3 months following surgery. The patient made a satisfactory recovery at three months follow up.