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Femoral Hernia Invading the Right Thigh

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Clinical Image: This is a 72 years old woman, who consults for a mass of the right thigh. In her medical history, we find the concept of femoral hernia 30 years ago and a second surgery to recurrence three years ago. Clinical examination revealed a mass that takes the anterior and lateral thigh ending a few inches from the knee. The examination of CT scan of the right leg was found at the thigh femoral hernia with heterogeneous densities inside the images representing the small bowel. The patient was operated under local regional anesthesia; recovery of the incision opening of the inguinal hernia, after omentum and small bowel, resection of the omentum and reduction of the small bowel. The parietal repair was carried out by the establishment of two prostheses sandwiched in musculo aponevrotic interstices of the femoral repair and the root of the thigh. A drain of the large cavity left by the hernia has been done. Good postoperative evolution, drainage was removed and was replaced with a pressure bandage to prevent seroma or hematoma.