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Leukoplakia on Torus Palatinus

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A 65-year-old woman was referred to our clinic complaining of white lesions on the palate and of the surface feeling rough when the tongue touched it. She had no special medical problems, and no history of smoking or alcohol. Intraoral findings were of a hard mass on the palate 40×22 mm in diameter and with white lesions on the surface (Figure A). The white lesions were excised with adequate margins and bone mass under the mucosa was removed surgically. The pathology report diagnosed the white lesion as leukoplakia without atypical cells (Figure B). The patient had no complications or dysfunction after surgery. Torus palatinus is found in 20-30% of the population and is usually less than 2 cm in diameter. Most torus palatinus are asymptomatic and found by routine oral examination. White lesion of oral mucosa needs differential diagnosis such as candidiasis, lichen planus and leukoplakia. The leukoplakia may occur due to repeat irritation at the site.