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Metachronous Synchronous Sternal and Colonic Metastasis with Asymptomatic Colo-Colic Fistula from Carcinoma Ovary

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Ovarian cancer is one of the most common gynecological cancers worldwide. Metastatic disease to the visceral organs from ovarian cancer occurs as a terminal event in the natural history of the disease. In particular, spread to the bone and large bowel is infrequently described. A 77 year old lady, who was diagnosed and treated for ovarian carcinoma in 2007, presented to us with increasing CA 125 levels. She was evaluated and diagnosed to have sternal and colonic deposits. She underwent left hemicolectomy and biopsy of sternal deposit. Histopathology revealed metastasis from carcinoma ovary to the colon and sternum. This case report highlights the rare synchronous metastatic disease in a metachronous setting from ovarian carcinoma