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Multiple Mucocoels in a Child

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A mucocele is a smooth, soft, mucus-filled enlargement which appears on mucous lining of mouth. It is usually the result of trauma, such as lip biting, which injures the tiny salivary ducts inside of the lip. This lesion has no sex predilection and occurs more frequently in children, adolescents and young adults. The lateral aspect of the lower lip is the most common site of occurrence of mucoceles, but other common sites include the floor of mouth and ventrum of the tongue. The usual clinical presentation is of a single, recurrent, fluctuant, painless, well-circumscribed bluish swelling which ruptures easily to release viscid salty mucus.. Multiple Mucoceles are rare. This picture gives clinical features of a young boy who had multiple mucoceles of the lower lip due to lip biting habit.