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Prune Belly Syndrome with Patent Urachus

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A 36 weeks and 5 days gestational age male newborn, birth weight 3.1 Kg and Apgar Scores of 7 and 9 at the end of the first and 5th minutes respectively. With a rare association of Prune belly syndrome and patent Urachus. The baby was found to have a sinus just lateral to the umbilical stump from which urine was continuously coming out. The baby did not pass urine through the urethra, and an attempt to catheterize the urethra failed .A catheter was put into the sinus with ease; urine could be aspirated using a 10 cc syringe. A sinogram was done through the catheter which showed a connection between the sinus and a small contracted urinary bladder (patent urachus). (Figure 1) shows corrugated appearance of the abdomen due to absent abdominal muscles, the urine flow through the urachus caused the wet appearance of the abdomen. Figure 1: Urachus at the lateral side of the umbilical cord Figure 2: Catheter inserted into the urachus