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ISSN: 2376-0249 Open Access

The Impact of Hatha Yoga Practice

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Physical inactivity is one of the reasons for the diminishment of our natural body flexibility. Nine young healthy females were involved in the five-month hatha yoga training program. The program included therapeutic yoga exercises, with the aim of increasing joint mobility as well as stretching shortened skeletal muscles. Measurements of body flexibility were taken three times over the five months period. The results obtained by measuring joint mobility showed significant increase of mobility in elevation through abduction, shoulder retro flexion, hip flexion, internal and external hip rotation, dorsal flexion and inversion of the ankle. The mobility of the thoracolumbar part of the spine was increased in all the measured movements: flexion, extension, lateral flexion and rotation of the spine. There was also a significant improvement in the flexibility of m. Soleus, m. Gastrocnemius, m. Rectus femoris, knee flexors and m. Pectoralis major, “Back Scratch Test” and “Sit and Reach Test”. Simple yoga techniques including body postures and breathing techniques can restore natural body flexibility.

Corresponding author
Maja Petric

Faculty of Health Sciences Ljubljana